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Woman connecting her hearing aids to her smart home.

Recall how the fascinating new future technology was going to bring civilization into the “world of tomorrow”? We’re currently living in a “golden age” of technology, and the advancement of hearing aids is a significant part of it.

Presently, lots of hearing aid designs have the capability of connecting directly to your smartphone, computer, or TV. This allows you to hear these devices better and also creates a more pleasant environment for people around you who are too polite to tell you to lower the volume on the TV.

For the purpose of recreation, these features are great, but lots of users fail to activate them because they think that it’s too complicated. However, this could wind up being a costly mistake.

Add Another Layer of Security With Enhanced Connectivity

According to the Fire Protection Research Foundation, the smoke detector can’t be heard by a significant number of individuals over 50. Are you able to hear your smoke alarm from any room in the house?? This can sometimes be challenging even if you have a hearing aid. Luckily, this life threatening risk is already being minimized by new technology.

Every year, new devices are manufactured and released to the public. Smart home setups usually come with smoke detectors that can connect to modern hearing aids. This means you’ll be able to hear the alarm from everywhere in your house. It works in essentially exactly like connecting your phone to any other smart device. But connecting your hearing aid to your smoke alarm can actually save your life.

Hearing Aids Can Stream to Wi-Fi Doorbells

In addition to improving safety, there is excellent entertainment value in having your hearing aid connected to multiple devices in your home, but the current movement in smart home technology is outside your front door. Doorbells that can connect to Wi-fi are turning up in a lot more homes. The advantage of these doorbells is that they have audio and video capabilities.

That’s one more device in your smart home that your hearing aid can connect to and that’s good news. Who’s that at your door? You would know immediately with a wi-fi connected doorbell, which would send audio directly into your ear.

Why It’s Worth Setting up up

It takes time to set these features up to work with your hearing aid, and that stops many individuals from utilizing them. But if you want a safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable life, you need to realize that connecting your hearing aid to your smart home can help you have it.

The best part? When you buy your hearing aids, we can teach you exactly how to set them up. Even if you’re still not sure after you get home, the internet is a great resource for set-up help.

So to be direct, you’re missing out if you have newer hearing aids with wi-fi capabilities and you don’t take a few minutes to get them set up.

When to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

If you have older hearing aids they most likely don’t have very good connectivity options. Additionally, there are numerous technical enhancements that are made each year to improve the all-around audio quality of hearing aids. If you’re having problems with hearing in particular settings or want to check out some of the new features you’re missing, schedule an appointment with us to improve your hearing and your quality of life.

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